Home automation puts you in control of many of your home’s appliances and systems and provides access from a remote–like a smartphone app or at a centralized unit indoors. At Tony’s Street and Home Dreams, our skilled technicians make homes run more effectively and efficiently, all the while improving the ease of everyday tasks.

Consider our home and auto shop your ultimate source for smart home automation in Morgantown, WV. We understand that each home and family is different which is why we provide homeowners with automation packages that are custom fit for their needs. Should you prefer voice-activated home automation systems, we’ve got your needs covered. When you trust our professionals with your home improvement needs, we’ll seamlessly integrate your pre-existing appliances and systems so that they’ll all work together from one control panel.

Enjoy Comfort and Peace of Mind

Operating your home’s appliances and systems with just the press of a button or the swipe of a screen will make everyday life significantly easier. With our smart home lighting systems, you can turn the lights on and off effortlessly with just the tap of a finger. Since these smart systems can be controlled remotely, integrating your home will also offer invaluable peace of mind.

As you go about your morning routine, there will be no more worrying if you’ve turned off the lights, locked the door, or turned off the television once you’ve left home. Whether you’re in the market for smart lighting or another voice-activated home automation system, our technicians have the training and tools needed to handle your every home improvement need.

Ensuring Nothing Goes to Waste

Perhaps you’re looking to automate more than just what’s indoors. How often have you run your sprinkler system forgetting that it rained earlier in the day? Alternatively, have you forgotten to water your landscape and greenery when it would have been ideal? Our smart sprinkler controllers allow you to optimize your sprinkler run time based on the local weather conditions. This helps you maintain a healthy, well-watered landscape while also reducing excessive water use.

When you turn to our professionals for home automation services, we’ll ensure you receive a set of products that perfectly fit your home and lifestyle. No matter what the extent of your home automation needs, we never forgot that you and your home come first. Put our team to work for you and we’ll make your everyday responsibilities easier.

Contact our home automation specialists to determine which of our products are best suited for your home and lifestyle. We proudly serve homeowners and motorists in Morgantown, Fairmont, Clarksburg, Weston, and Bridgeport, West Virginia, as well as the surrounding areas.